Who we are

INSTATECH, INC. is dedicated in providing our customers quality healthcare medical devices. Having been in this line for more than a decade, we have come to deeply understand our customer’s needs as we have carefully chosen to distribute products from manufacturers which have complied with ISO and CE standards

What we do

One of the company’s greatest assets are the people working behind INSTATECH, INC. We intend to maintain norms and standards expected of us as true, honest and loyal officers and employees of our company as we include in our commitment the responsibility to comply with all the regulatory and statutory requirements.

Our products

  • C5 Wristband Barcode Scanner
  • Surgicare Orthopedic Gloves
  • Safety Box
  • Essenzial Endotrachea Tube with Stylet (guidewire)
  • Mediflex 3 Way Stopcock, Lipid Resistant
  • Instavols Protect Volumetric Set
  • Instaflow Protect Infusion Set
  • Instacan I.V. Catheter with 3 Way Stopcock
  • Trace ECG Electrodes, Decentered, Pedia
  • Trace ECG Electrodes, Decentered, Adult
  • Bacrcode Wristband Printer
  • Medikit Epidural Mini Pack
  • Veri-Q Blood Glucometer Set
  • Syringe Pump SP-400ll dl
  • Essenzial Disapoble Face Mask, Tie on
  • Essenzial Disposable Facemask
  • Essenzial Disposable Needle
  • Essenzial Economy Disposable Facemask
  • Essenzial Endotracheal Tube with cuff
  • Essenzial Endotracheal Tube without cuff
  • Essenzial Foley Balloon Catheter Needleless
  • Essenzial Foley Baloon Catheter
  • Essenzial Guedel Airways
  • Essenzial ID Bracelet
  • Essenzial Infant Feeding Tube NGT
  • Essenzial Nebulizer Kit
  • Essenzial Needle Burner and Syringe Destroyer
  • Essenzial Oxygen Mask
  • Essenzial Pediatric Urine Collector
  • Essenzial Plus Disposable Syringe with Needle Sizes
  • Essenzial Premier Disposable Facemask
  • Essenzial Protect Disposable Facemask
  • Essenzial Stomach Tube NGT Silicone
  • Essenzial Straight Nelaton Catheter
  • Essenzial Suction Catheters
  • Essenzial Suction Connecting Tube Set with Poole Drain Handle
  • Essenzial Suction Connecting Tube with and without Yankauer Handle Tip
  • Essenzial Surgeon's Cap
  • Essenzial Urine and Stool Containers Screw Cap
  • Essenzial Urine Drainage Bag with Bottom Outlet and Hanger
  • Essenzialc Oxygen Cannula
  • EssenzialOxygen-Mask
  • Essenzial- Plus Disposable Syringe
  • Extension Tubing
  • Fetal Stethoscope
  • Gloreg I.V Flow Regulator Extension Set
  • Heparin Lock Injection Stopper (Medikit)
  • Infrared Ear Thermometer
  • Infusion Pump IP-100ll dl
  • Instaflon Plus I.V. Catherer with Insta Needle Technology
  • Instafuse Blood Transfusion Set
  • Instavols Volumetric Set
  • Kethin I.V. Catherer
  • Kethin I.V. Catheter with Safety Lock Mechanism
  • Latex Examination Gloves
  • Mediciser Respiratory Exerciser
  • Medico ECG Electrodes MSGLT 01
  • Medico ECG Electrodes MSGST 64
  • Medico ECG Electrodes Radiotranslucent MSGLT 03
  • Medico Pediatric ECG Electrodes MSGST 07
  • Medidrain Thoracic Bag
  • Mediflon I.V. Catherer with Safety Lock Mechanism
  • Mediflon I.V. Catherer
  • Mediplus Thoracic Catheter
  • Neocan I.V. Catherer for Neonates
  • Newfix I.V. Starter Kit a
  • Newmed Digital Thermometer
  • Newmed Disposable Surgical Stapler
  • Newmed Disposable Suture Remover
  • Newmed Hub Cutter
  • Newmed Hypoallergenic Surgical Master
  • Newmed Transparent I.V Dressing
  • Newmed Umbilical Cord Clamp
  • Newmed Zinc Oxide Surgical Plaster
  • PA50 Specific Protein Analyzer
  • POTOK Air Decontamination System
  • Newmed Spinal Needle
  • Newmed Sharps Container
  • Safeband Barcode Wristband
  • Single Head Stethoscope
  • Sanimat Decontaminating Mat
  • Relyon Sutures
  • Surgicare Gynecological Gloves
  • Stool Specimen Container
  • BA680 Urine Analyzer
  • Bacrcode Wristband Printer
  • CVP Manometer
  • Surgicare Low Pro Surgical Gloves
  • Surgicare Polymer Coated Surgical Gloves Powder Free
  • Three Way Stop Cock
  • Urine Specimen Container
  • Sphygmomanometer with basket, wall type
  • Sphygmomanometer with trolley
  • Digital Thermometer Baby Nipple Type
  • Essenzial Bouffant Nurse Cap


To become the most reliable professional distribution company of MEDICAL-SURGICAL-LABORATORY disposables in the Philippines.



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